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“ We are committed to build outstanding management teams for our clients to compete in the global market. We provide the perfect match and solutions for the human resource needs of our clients through long term client relationships built on experience, insight and teamwork ”

Chairman's Profile

Mr.Said Mohamed Rashid, a graduate in military Science and done Doctorate of Business Administration in Tourism and Hospitality Administration , has started his career in Military service in Sultanate of Oman with 33 yrs of long service .Apart from his professional service and achievements , he has a successful career in Media & Public Relations and sports in Military domain as well as civil. During his service he participated in several courses in Moral guidance, Military protocol, Sporty leadership and command & direction in Oman, Jordan, Egypt and Greece.


With his extensive world travelling and keen interest on leadership and Public relation he has chaired several distinguished positions at regional and international level as follows :

  • Director - Oman Football Union.
  • Moral Guidance chief, organizer and introducer of the TV Military program (Abtalona Al Maghaweer.
  • Military Protocols Officer at the Ministry of Defense.
  • Military Sport Affairs Officer.
  • Director - Oman Shooting Union.
  • Director – Oman Olympic Committee.
  • Director & Executive Office for the Arab Military Sorts Union.
  • Editor and Chief Editor - Oman Army magazines .
  • Director - Oman Sport Newspaper, Al Shabiba .
  • Head of Information and IT Department - Defense Studies Centre .
  • Director - Sultan's Armed Forces Museum


  • The Owner & Chairman of National Human Resource Services.
  • The Owner & Chairman of World Trading Enterprises
  • Chairman of White Oryx Travel Tours & Cargo.
  • Chairman of Al - Shahmi Enterprises.
  • Ex. Director of Muscat Press & Publishing House SAOG (Publishers of Times of Oman (English Daily) and Al Shabiba (Arabic Daily)
  • Managing Director of National Publishing & Advertising. (Publication of Wings of Oman, Magazine of Oman AIR)
  • Managing Director of National Publishing & Advertising - “Oxygen”
  • Managing Director of Media One.
  • Managing Director of NPA Events.

Special Strengths

  1. More than two decades ago. Mr. Said after he was Chief Editor Gond Oman (Oman Soldier ) magazine he established the first Arabic full feature, social and family Monthly publication AL OMANIYA essentially for the upliftment of the cause of women in the Sultanate of Oman, under the wise and benevolent rule of his Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said.

  2. Simultaneously serving as the Managing Director of National Publishing advertising (NPA), Director of Times of Oman and Founder of Al Shabiba, the English and Arabic dailies.
    N P A is a 75% Omani company, which is in operation since 1986.The Company has its Head Office in Muscat with a branch Office in Central Business District.
    N P A is registered with Government tender board as an “Excellent Grade” contractor. The company’s annual turn over is around R.O.4,5 million and has been awarded with ISO - certification.

  3. As Managing Director of NPA Events. National Performing Arts & Events (NPA Events) was formed with the intention of bringing the best of cultural, entertainment and Corporate events to Oman. We believe in being thoroughly professional in our approach and pay special attention to every detail of the events we are involved in to ensure that the entire experience is enjoyable.

  4. NPA Events In 2005, selected by the Government of Oman to organize the festivities at Al Alam Palace in Muscat, including the spectacular fireworks display across the Sultan Qaboos Port, in celebration of the 35th National Day. For more information visit the website –

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